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COPI and addresspollution.org have been covered in more than 230 pieces of national and international press.

Here are a few of our favourites:

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Pollution hotspots website could drive down London house prices


Homebuyers are being encouraged to seek discounts of up to 20 per cent by checking a new website that reveals the level of air pollution on each doorstep. The site uses data from King’s College London to give the level of nitrogen dioxide, a toxic gas released when diesel, petrol and gas are burnt, for every postcode in the capital.

Addresspollution.org shows that streets in Chelsea, Regent’s Park, Notting Hill and other areas where homes often cost millions of pounds have air pollution well above the legal limit of 40 micrograms of NO2 per cubic metre of air (mcg/m3).

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Most and least polluted streets in the London area revealed - sparking fears new air quality website will knock a FIFTH off house prices in some of the capital's most exclusive postcodes

"The creators of www.addresspollution.org, the Central Office of Public Interest (COPI), are now recommending homebuyers and renters demand discounts of up to 20 per cent to live the most polluted areas - which could slash house prices by £250,000.

The new website gives an air pollution rating of one to five for each home in its database - and reveals some roads have different NO2 levels from one end of the street to the other. The site gives its maximum score, a '5', to houses in areas with pollution at least 50 per cent above the legal limit, ie over 60mg per cubic metre.The rating system uses KCL grid-reference data giving levels of nitrogen dioxide accurate to 20sqm."


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London house prices: new pollution hotspot website threatens to push down values


"New website addresspollution.org allows users to check the level of nitrogen dioxide - a toxic gas released when diesel, petrol and gas are burnt - at any address in London, reports The Times.

The site, which uses data from King’s College London, advises: “Those renting in areas with [a bad] rating should seek a reduction in rent if they are able to renegotiate their lease. ”The Central Office of Public Interest (COPI), the not-for-profit campaign behind the site, has given homes air pollution ratings of one (for low levels) to five, with the highest rating denoting an area that is 50% above the legal limit of 40 micrograms of nitrogen dioxide per cubic metre of air, says Estate Agent Today."

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"A citizen-funded advertising campaign against air pollution will target the property market with billboard slogans including "Location, location, lung disease" and "The neighbourhood's gone to the docs."

  These will be accompanied by online ads and a website where homebuyers and renters in London will be able to look up levels of toxic air for the property they are considering."


'Location, location, lung disease':

pollution ads target property market

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Posh pollution - the exclusive London neighbourhoods with toxic air

"The team behind the project – Central Office of Public Interest (COPI), launched on Tuesday, has created a website allowing households across the capital to find out the average levels of pollutants at their home address in a bid to raise awareness and push for action to improve air quality.

Residents across London can look up their address on the newly-launched website addresspollution.org to get a report on whether the air at their home breaches annual legal limits, and data on how it could impact the health of those living there."


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The idea is that the public can influence what problems COPI tackles, as well as help fund them, and that people from the industry would work on projects they feel strongly connected to. As a bonus, COPI’s campaigns offer an alternative to the ‘sell sell sell’ messages that dominate traditional advertising

"The newly formed Central Office of Public Interest is bringing the language of activism to the world of advertising, taking over London billboards to raise awareness of rising air pollution.

  The outdoor ad campaign will highlight the effects of poor air quality on public health, as well as targeting specific areas such as Brixton and Mayfair. The campaign was created by AMV BBDO, but there's more to the story than just another client brief. The agency gave its time pro bono and the ad space was paid using crowdfunding, with people donating over £28k to bring the campaign to life."

The information environment we're now subjected to is heavily corporatised. It's all about selling stuff. Now, especially with the COI being decommissioned, basically every film, ad and every thing we consume is driven by commercial interest.

Humphrey Milles; COPI Founder


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Air pollution campaign: Crowdfunding launched for hard-hitting adverts to change behaviours towards toxic air

"An air pollution awareness campaign in the style of the Green Cross Code is set to launch this year in response to the "void" left after the closure of the government's Central Office of Information in 2011.

  New campaign group, Central Office of Public Interest (COPI), hope to make the public more aware of the “severity” of the air pollution problem, and the actions they can take to reduce their exposure.Teaming up with scientists at King’s College London, who advise the Mayor’s office on air pollution levels, they hope their campaign adverts will have a credibility akin to the ones produced by the government."


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Interview: Humphrey Milles on his People Versus Air Pollution campaign

"Humphrey Milles hopes to launch a nationwide publicity campaign on the dangers of air pollution — and he's set up a crowdfunder which is already at an impressive £23,000.

 He spoke to AirQualityNews.com about why he believes awareness campaigns work, and why the government closing its public information body, the Central Office in Information (COI) in 2011, was ‘catastrophic’ for the public’s knowledge of air pollution."

COPI is a way of harnessing the formidable power of advertising to shift awareness & society in a positive progressive direction, and help make things better for people rather than just selling them more stuff.


Humphrey Miles; COPI Founder