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The creative industry alliance running national public awareness campaigns government should be running.

We've had enough of our rivers, lakes and coastlines being polluted with raw sewage by companies paying themselves and their shareholders huge salaries & dividends, while ecosystems collapse and we all lose our shared natural assets.

So we're running a national public awareness campaign to highlight the issue and send a loud message.

Join The Smear Campaign by going to www.thesmearcampaign.org to see how your MP voted and sign our petition.

You can help fund more billboards and ads in more locations across the UK by visiting our GoFundMe campaign page HERE

Watch the campaign film and check out some of our billboard ads and projections popping up all over the country below.


In September 2019 on a crowdfunded budget, COPI launched addresspollution.org with billboards across the capital, a music video and projections on some of London's most high profile buildings & landmarks.

The new website that gave every Greater London resident the ability to check air pollution levels at their doorstep with a click, was front page news of The Times and subsequently covered in more than 230 pieces of national and international press.

In April 2022 we re-launched the free public service nationwide.

Working with Channel 4 News, ITV, The Guardian, The Times and The World Health Organisation (WHO) we made sure that the entire country was aware of the new data our website now provides, the ongoing scandal of air pollution and what we can all do about it.

AddressPollution.org is now one of the most awarded environmental campaigns worldwide.

In the summer of 2022 it received United Nations accreditation becoming a UNESCO Green Citizens project. It has now landed front page national news 3 times, been featured in more than 570 pieces of national and international press, whilst changing the property sector for good, turning home owners and estate agents into budding environmentalists.

Like Asbestos, every property owner now wants rid of this invisible killer.

Drill music with a message

As part of the campaign we enlisted the help of British political rapper Drillminster and commissioned the track & music video ‘Choke’.

The video features Rosamund Kissi-Debrah who fought for years to have air pollution listed as the cause of her daughter's death.

Coordinating the release of the track with the launch of addresspollution.org both were then featured on Channel 4 News.

The music video has since been watched hundreds of thousands of times across multiple platforms driving up awareness levels of this invisible killer among an even wider demographic.

We are creatives, photographers, directors, film-makers, designers, academics, researchers, scientists, actors & musicians.

People who care about what's going in the world around us and want to use our professional skillset to drive positive change.

We create and run above the line awareness campaigns to deepen public understanding on issues that matter to people, but the government no longer seems too concerned about.

Because we're in the public interest, our campaigns are based on the latest data & science from academic institutions.

No false claims, no hidden agendas. The truth and nothing but the truth.

Who we are

Listen to the TEDx podcast below

Back in 2017, the UK Government hadn’t run a single public awareness campaign on an issue that was then and is still killing more people than war, smoking, obesity and alcohol.

So we decided to.

We pulled together a small army of creative industry professionals and on a shoestring budget produced the first ever awareness ad on air pollution.

Check out our first campaign on this invisible toxic problem that continues to rob many children of healthy lives.

Air Pollution: The Invisible Killer

Join us, or support us —

When government fails, we have to act.

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Still not sure what COPI actually is?

Our crowdfunder film below might answer a few of your questions, and check out the ABOUT page for more info.