We Advertise: For P‍‍eople & Planet Before Profits

About Us

COPI is a non-profit creative industry alliance. People in film, ads, tv & music who care about what's going on. Together we run above the line campaigns created by the best in the industry. We also work with academics and scientists, so all our campaigns are based on the latest verified data and evidence.

COPI aims to re-balance the heavily corporatised information environment with stuff that actually matters.

We raise awareness on issues of more pressing concern to society & planetary ecosystems than the unchecked profligate drive of consumerism.

Central Office of Public Interest advertises to the people, by the people, for people and planet.

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COPI campaigns shift attitudes and opinions rather than units and sales; raise environmental awareness rather than brand awareness.

Our campaigns run in the long-term public interest only, their focus ranging from the environmental to the social to the economic, sharing a common theme of transparency, deepening public understanding, and progressive governance. We advocate responsible, ethical policy and behaviour from all corporate entities, entrepreneurs and political parties.

COPI has no affiliations to individual political parties, corporations, charities or NGOs. It is a cross industry alliance where creative professionals from any side of the political spectrum can work together on issues they care about, to bring about progressive change through the power of advertising.



We make the media. We can re-shape the media.

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The government rests in public opinion.  Whoever can change public opinion, can change the government.

We want things to be better, and be done better — for our kids, families, environment and society as a whole.

A rapidly warming planet; toxic air pollution; ecosystem collapse; plastic pollution; unseen levels of global wealth inequality.

The Central Office of Public Interest is united in our inability to stand by and watch any longer.

We can't solve these problems immediately, but we make the media: we can re-shape the media.

We, The Industry can bring about responsible, progressive change. By using objective, peer-reviewed academic research, and above the line ad campaigns we can raise awareness, shift public perception and behaviour, re-balance the media landscape, and demand accountability.

Abraham Lincoln


Advertising works. This is an immutable fact. We know because the companies that pay us to make their commercials keep hiring us. It raises awareness, changes behaviours, alters opinions, and can affect the way a society thinks and works.


And we make the adverts — that's what we do.

The Central Office of Public Interest is how you can support individual campaigns without supporting the organisations you're not so keen on. We make commercials and run campaigns on individual issues focused on the wider public interest. We have no  affiliations to any political parties or NGOs. All finance goes directly into individual campaigns to change hearts, minds, shift attitudes and opinions — nothing is wasted on charity and group administration, and bureaucracy.